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Tori and Hannes Engagement shoot, Kendal

Tori and Hannes met in 2015, in Siria, a small village in Romania. They were volunteering for a Christian charity called Networks, working with Roma people living in poverty. It was only in their second year that they really started to work together more and it didn't take long for them to realise there was something there, that little spark, although Hannes nearly blew it by suggesting they ran up a massive hill in Siria.

Tori was set to leave Romania in July and they decided to try the whole long distance thing. It took them about a year to realise that the distance between them geographically was too far so Hannes moved to England.

In the November Tori came hone late from a parents evening to what she thought was just a regular date night, however this time the whole downstairs was covered in candles and Hannes got down on one knee and proposed and of course Tori dais Yes!

I'm really excited to be photographing their wedding in July but before that we thought we'd do a little engagement shoot.


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