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Amy and Rob’s wedding at Astley Bank Hotel

Amy and Rob met in 2019, after they both ‘swiped right’ on that infamous dating app. Initially the pair decided to just go for a coffee, as friends. They picked Starbucks for their first rendezvous, as they needed somewhere fairly quiet and bright so Amy, who’s deaf, could concentrate whilst she got used to Rob’s voice and how he spoke. Amy and Rob instantly hit it off, and quickly rebadged their ‘coffee with a friend’ to their ‘first date’.

Two years after their first date, Rob and Amy were walking along the local canal, taking in the fresh, crisp winter air. As they meandered alongside the water, they came to a marina where they were planning to stop for a rest. However, it was so busy that Rob said they should carry on a little further and find somewhere quieter. So the pair happily plodded along until they arrived at a quant bridge over the canal, to a farmyard. It was there, with no one but them and a field of cows, that Rob asked Amy to marry him (once he’d managed to drag her away from watching with the cows in the neighbouring farm, that is!). Amy, of course, said ‘Yes!”.

I’d actually met Amy a few years ago, when I was the photographer at her friend’s wedding. Amy was one of Beth and Peter’s bridesmaids, so I’d got to spend quite a lot of time with her, which was lovely, as it meant when I came to Amy and Rob’s big day it felt like I already knew them.

Amy and Rob chose Astley Bank Hotel in Darwen for their wedding. Astley Bank is a beautifully preserved 19th century mansion, set amongst six acres of gardens, so provided lots of options for photographs. The weather on the day was a mix of sunshine and showers, but that resulted in a beautiful rainbow, which we just had to go out and capture.

The November wedding was given an autumnal theme, which Amy and Rob had carried through beautifully. The bridesmaids’ dresses were a lovely jade green, which perfectly complemented their burnt orange bouquets. However, rather than using the same flowers for their centrepieces, the couple dressed the tables with Lego and other figures, all from their favourite films - which added a great little personal touch, as well as a great talking point for their guests.

The whole day was filled with so much joy and excitement, not just from Amy and Rob, but from all their guests too. Here are a few shots of their special day:


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